Class Descriptions

SPECIAL! Free Trial classes through out the months of April-May. Please call for more information: 1-888-959-2562

Register now for spring classes starting April 6, 2013.  Classes include:

Let’s Build (ages 5-6)

This class is a beginning Lego building class for students in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. Students are guided through building with an instructor. The class is small to allow for more focused building time. Students assemble and build bridges, cars, sail boats, etc.

Future engineers (ages 8-12)

Students will be challenged to find solution to problems presented to them. Students will be creating rockets, catapults, dragsters, bridges, etc from all raw materials. Students will learn how engineers think, solve common problems and create meaningful solutions all the while working in cooperative groups and having fun. Students will take home materials

Motorize and mechanical machines (ages 7-12)

In this class student experiment and build various simple every day machines includes, catapults, cranes, etc. Students will conduct investigations in various machines usage and how to increase safety. This is an ideal course to teach the basics of robotics.

Lego robotics

Students will use Lego We do robotics programming software and bricks to create and build engineering marvels. Students build and program soccer, wild animals and adventured themed objects. All students will use a computer and learn basic programming language. This is a great next class for all students previously enrolled in Motorized Machines.

Animation and movie making (ages 8-12)

Students in this class will learn how to create story boards, scenery, plot and conflict. Students will utilize a variety of software to animate and create short films. Each team consists of two students working to create digital and multimedia presentations.

Chemistry Detectives (ages 6-10)

Students explore the chemicals and ingredients in everyday foods and house hold items. Students will investigate the best and safest way to clean up an oil spill, how to clean objects without damaging, how to create carbonated drinks, etc. This class is fun and hands on, students get messy and should wear clothes they don’t mind getting a stain or two on. Students will take their creations home.

Discovery Kids Puterbugs Technology Class (ages 4-6)

Discovery kids Puterbugs is a technology program licensed through the Discover Kids Network of kids programs. Children will enhance their technology skills, build literacy and math skills. Each child works on their own lap top and no more than 5 kids are in a group. The classes are fun and interactive.

Story Time Science (ages 3-5)

Literacy and introduction to quality early reading are fundamental for young minds. We believe in that strongly at Build n’ Blocks and take that one step further by exploring children books with themed based learning activities perfect for young minds. Joins us on this journey of exploration, comprehension and fun while we delve in to such fun books as: “The Three Little Pigs” “The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar” and several other books. This class is fun for both children and their parents.


New Classes!

Lego Creative Build (ages 2.5-4)

Interactive hands on class for young builders that focus on building numbers, simple machines. Children will build various aspects of a playground including swings, see-saw, etc. The focus of this class is learning through play.

Roominate Interior Design Studio

This class introduces girls to interior design, architecture, motors, sensors, etc. Students will create unique designs such as restaurants, classrooms, bedrooms, etc. Students will design and than build their unique models from imagination.

Art classes taught by Pratt Institute graduate, Children’s Place designer and Mom: SoSanya Afolabi. These are specialty classes and coupons cannot be used for registration.

Preschool Picasso (ages 3-4)

Jump into color and materials to create wonderful works of art! Our Preschool Picassos will explore a variety of materials and techniques as they create beautiful 2-D and 3-D artworks. They will learn about colors and color mixing, how to draw, and learn about such things as still life and abstract Expressionism in ways that allow for lots of imagination!

Kreative Kidz

Create a masterpiece! Our young artists will explore 2-D and 3-D formats using a variety of materials and lots of imagination! They are encouraged to look carefully and see new things, to experiment with materials, color and line, and to create unique artworks combining imagination, memory and observation.